Auteur Topic: Esu Loc Programmer update v4.3.4. (Voor LoPi v4.x) - (19-Okt-2012)  (gelezen 2236 keer)

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Hier de laatst vrijgegeven software update V 4.3.3. voor de Esu Loc Programmer.
Deze is te gebruiken voor de nieuwe vierde generatie Esu decoders v4.0.


P.s. wanneer de download niet zou werken meld u dit aub via Pb.

LokProgrammer4 - Release Notes

Version 4.3.4:
- New Features:
  * Editing of Containers and States at the same time. (Mutiple selection)
  * Extended decoder information at Read / Write CVs
- Bugfixes:
  * Unsupported features of sound slots have been editable
  * Mapping alternate output configurations by a state did not work
  * Copy / paste of sound schedules of another LokProgrammer instance created to many samples
  * Some unused samples have not been grayed out
  * Schedule did not refresh after sound assignment via drag and drop
- Changes:
  * Automatically removing white space characters at the start and end of state names
  * The current template pack version is now checked at program start
  * Improved conversion of LokSound V3.x steam sounds
  * Improved conversion of LokSound V3.x brake sounds
- Decoder firmware version 4.7.9139
  * Added a shared register which is accessible from all sound slots. 
  * Manual notching function is now also assignable to sound slot 4 - 24.
  * Sound controlled smoke generation using AUX outputs.


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Re:Esu Loc Programmer update v4.3.4. (Voor LoPi v4.x) - (19-Okt-2012)
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Nieuwe update 4.3.4. voor ESU Loc- programmer beschikbaar.
Zie bovenstaande bericht.